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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Major Earthquake forecat/prediction for the month June 2016

  The probable dates for major earthquakes in the month of June are as follows

1) 5th June  2016.....

2)18th/19th June 2016..

3) 29th June 2016..

window period is + or - one day

As on the date of Moon at Perigee( closest to Earth in the month ie about 57 ER -IE 57 Earth radius,we have one 6.5 quake, The date has passed hence omitted from the list


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

6.9 earthquake at Burma on 13th April 2016

 Yes , I am aware that, this quake is 12 hrs outside my window period,. But it says a lot about potential of dates selected for 6.5+ quakes
 Tis moth is special and have much potential due to some specific reasons like Mars closest, Mars changing Direction and Mars at Maximum Declination. Between 12th and 13th Moon was at Maximum declination North. Though Pluto have less potential, it is also changing direction this month. Today ie on 13th at the time of quake Moon was opposing Pluto.
 Next potential date is 26th of this Month (+ or - one day window)

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Earthquake prediction for April 2016

 Here are the probable dates for major quakes for the month of April 2016
 The difference ,this time is -
The quakes predicted are more than 6.5 (unlike 6+ predicted earlier)
The prediction dates are reduced ,this time to three ( which usually is 4)
The window period ,however is + or - one day

1)6th April 2016

2)11th April 2016

3) 26th April 2016


Sunday, March 13, 2016

Addition to March 2016 prediction

 It was observed ,time and again that, the change in declination of major planet and change in direction of major planets ,is more powerful than the pull. This could be due to imbalance/change in momentum. This was again observed during my last date ie 9th March 2016.
  Thus , the date 15th Noon (UTC ) to 16th Noon UTC is a potent date.
  as an exception , I would like to add this date to my prediction.
 Rest of the parameters will be same

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Earthquake forecast for the month of March 2016

 the probable dates of 6+ quakes in March 2016 are

1) 2nd March...................6.3

2) 9th March...................7.0

3)23rd march.................6.5

window period is + or - one day


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Earthquake prediction for february 2016

 Sorry for posting the date late
 Probable dates for 6+ quakes in Feb are

1) 6th /7th Feb 2016--------------6.5

2)11th--------------------------- 7.1

3)23rd--------------------------- 6.8

Date 6/7th means 12 Noon of 6th to 12 Noon of 7th UTC

out f three dates the 11th is most potent, Next potent is 233rd/24th

watch out

 Amit Dave

Wednesday, December 30, 2015



Here are the probable dates for major quakes in January 2016

1) 31st/1st ......................6.3
2)8th Jan .........................6.5
3)15th Jan .....................6.7

 This month is special as far as earthquakes are concerned in following way

1) Sun is closest in 3rd
2) Sun has already changed the direction from southward to Northward
3)Jupiter is very close
4) Jupiter is changing the direction on 7th
5) Mercury is also changing the direction on 4th

 In more generalized term, the last week of December and first 15 days of January are always more potent ( due to Sun closest and changing the declination. You must have observed that, some of the worst quakes are in last part of December or in first part of  January.

Thus, whenever, Moon becomes closest, or reaches the maximum declination, or joins or opposes Sun /Jupiter there are chances of major quakes (6..5+)

In this manner ,even the date 28th is some what potent to give quake of 6.0