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Friday, August 29, 2014

Earthquake prediction for September 2014

 My probable major earthquake dates for the month of September 2014 are as mentioned below
1)1st September 2014...............6.6

2)8th September 2014.............6.8

3)16th September 2014..........6.3

4)23rd/24th September 2014...........6.4 ( 23rd/24th means UTC TIME 1200 FROM 23rd to UTC 1200 NOON ON 24th)

window period + or - one day
magnitude window + or -0.3 (only for reference and should not be disqualified if quake is 6+ but out of window magnitude)

Roger is requested to post random dates here. If all 30 sets of dates are not practicable Roger is requested to post only 10 sets as a sample survey
 Actually, random dates should be posted prior to my dates. From next month we will do that.
 As my first date window period was approaching with in a day, I have posted the dates earlier

Monday, August 18, 2014

6.2 quake at Iran on 18th August and my cycle quake theory

 Time and again I have mentioned about " Cycle Quake " Theory. The term devised by me is about the major quakes (6+) occurring in a cyclic way.Which is explained as mentioned below
   Whenever a major quake occurs on a potential date (as per my theory) , the subsequent major quakes also occur on dates 7th/8th,and /or 14th/15th and /or 21st /22nd days after the first quake. These quakes can not be termed as after shocks because they may occur on any where. Nevertheless,chances of yet another major quake on the same location are high.
  Thus ,it is advisable for people in general and authorities in particular, to alert the people on such days (where major quake has already struck
  Let us check for AUGUST
 I have mentioned 10th,17th and 24th (though 3rd August was strong , as could not post on my blog before that, I have not mentioned it). for the major quakes ( watch they are in cyclic order)
 Now actual quakes in August are
1)3rd August-  6.8 and 6.1 at Micronesia
2)3rd ----------6.1 CHINA where hundred of people died
3)10th-----------6.0 Japan
4)18th-----------6.2 and 5.8 at Iran Iraq boarder
watch the clear cyclic pattern
 The beauty of this prediction is, there was no major quake (6+) on any date other than this cyclic nature
 The reason for such pattern is Clearly Moon .
 After every 7th /8th day Moon travel  90 degrees and occupies another potent position 90 degrees apart,hence cyclic quakes. After 15 days it will be at 180 degree apart.

If anybody would like to check ,they can try with USGS records
 I do not know why are we ignoring such striking rule.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

6.2 Earthquake at Iran Iraq boarder on 18th August 2014, as predicted

 pl see my prediction for 17th August of 6.7 quake and actual quake of 6.2 at Iran Iraq Boarder on 18th
August at 2.32 UTC
Watch the accuracy of prediction (+ or - one day window period)

 Also pl note at the time of quake Moon was at 56 degrees East and the quake occurred at 47 degrees east,showing Moon has profound effects on major quakes

also pl see my web page   and see news and calender

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Earthquake prediction for August 2014

 Here are the probable dates for major quakes in August 2014

1)10th August 2014.........................7.0 (most potent date in August)

2)17th August ...............................6.7

3)24th August.............................6.5

places/location of quakes are not predicted

window period is + or - one day

magnitude window is + or - 0.3

please note as we have already crossed 3rd August ,the date is excluded (though it is my personal diary.

The proof of cycle quakes (which term I often use 0 can be clearly seen from other dates.

You can notice that,the dates are seven/seven and half days apart ( by which time Moon occupy another

potent position 90 degree apart. The chances of major aftershocks (where major quakes have been

witnessed on 3ed August  ,are high

 These are my personal predictions and observations and can not be treated as warnings