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Friday, June 14, 2013

earthquake prediction for 23rd June 2013

note- This is just a public prediction of earthquake and there are all chances that ,it may not come true.
 No body should take this seriously and may be treated just as an academic exercise.

hhDate--------------------23rd June 2013

   time --------------------12.15 UTC

  Magnitude---------------7.2 (+ or - 0.3)

places (probable)
20 degree south 120 degree west

 120 degree west complete

  60 degree east complete

25 degree north, 60 degree east

A line joining (20 degree south, 120 degree west)  and ( 20 degree North, 60 degree  east)


Sunday, June 2, 2013


  please note to days (2nd June 2013) quake of 6.5 at Taiwan,
  This has made it clear ,by cycle quake theory ,that, a quake of not less than 6.5 is imminent between 8/9th June
 In a nutshell ,what my cycle quake theory states is like this
 1) Moon is the main trigger in all major quakes of 6+
2) when a date is predicted based on my theory, it is based on Moon triggers and hence the dates 7th and 15th, prior and after my predicted date are also prone to major quakes
3) This is because, the takes 7 to 8 days to occupy another potent position 90 degree apart
3) similarly it occupy exactly opposite position after 15 days
4) Hence, the cycle theory also sates that, after a major quakes  7 -8th day and 15th day should be watched carefully for major aftershocks